narrative impressions
Tailor-made channels and more.
Connect your peer or community with story and adequate impact and impressions
When your taste is ever growing, we need a new canvas to fulfill all desires and wishes. NAIM is born out of such needs and ready to serve you. Also it is for places & people you care. For Youtube generation, and commercial use. The metadata platform powered by AI engine will deliver serendipity and satisfaction for any use you design. Take the canvas and share.
Smart Curation
Our AI engine touches edges and constantly suggest content.
Our patented crawler search Youtube and deliver what curator commissioned. It then pack channels to build your own player (Try Hashtag(#) to bundle channels for you and your friends)
Organic engaging, passive media is now active one
TVs in NAIM isn’t leanback media anymore. Pick up your mobile and interact for fun fullness. Uber remotecon is at your hands
All-in -one Editor
Creation, publishing, and display management from your fingertips
Our editor is super integrated for creator, advertisers, publisher, site operation. Learn once and play ever free as a single person or as a team.